Underground Swing Gate Operator – Compas

Product Codes: Compas


 This product is Discontinued and/or no longer available.


  • A premium in-ground, irreversible, electromechanical swinging gate operator for residential use
  • Designed for gates with a maximum width of 1.5-mtrs & max weight capacity of 200 kg (2.5/250)
  • Recommended for intensive use
  • The Compas operator is concealed in a water proof aluminum structure, enclosed in an ABS box
  • All mechanical gears work within a reduction unit in an oil bath
  • Ability to opening up to 360° maximum
  • Self-locking device
  • Mechanical unblocking in the event of power failure is via a key
  • Suitable for gates with-out cladding
  • Compatible with our complete range of accessories, the electromechanical Compas boasts features of a hydraulic operator, yet provides you an economical solution to access control with quality.
  • Also available in the reversible version
  • Please note that the reversible version is fitted with a multiple disk clutch, complete with a customised key for adjustment; however it requires a locking device.


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wdt_ID Specification Detail
1 Supply Voltage 230 Vac±5% 50/60 Hz
2 Motor Power 280 W
3 Maximum Absorbed Current 1.4 A
4 Condenser 16 uF
5 Thermal Circuit Breaker 140 ° C
6 Operating Temperature from -20 °C to + 55 °C
7 Weight 15-KGS
8 Protection Class IP 67
9 Leaf Maximum Weight 200-kgs
10 Leaf Opening Time 15 secs / 360 °
11 Leaf Maximum Width 2.5-mtrs

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