D5-EVO Low Voltage – Sliding Gate Operator

Centsys D5-Evo LV Gate motor for automatic sliding gates.

The D5-Evo LV sliding gate operator is strong & reliable, offering excellent value for money for those who don’t have mains power at your gate.

Product Codes: D5 LV, D5-EVO LV

  • 1x Centsys D5-EVO Sliding Gate Opener
    • Centsys D5 Control board
    • 1.8Amp Charger
  • 2x Centsys Nova Remote Controls
  • 1x Weather Proof Transformer
  • 1x 30m Cable
  • 1x Pair of Manual Over-Ride Keys
  • 1x Hardware Mounting Pack
  • 1x 12v 7Ah Battery for Battery Backup
  • 4x 1mt Stagnoli rack in black or grey rated to 800kg

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D5-EVO: Gate Motor for Sliding Gate Automation from Centurion Systems, for Domestic and Light Industrial Use.

  • The D5-Evo low voltage variation has the transformer separated from the unit, allowing power to be located up to 100 metres away from the motor. Complete with a separate weather proof transformer.
  • The D5-Evo low voltage sliding gate operator is strong & reliable, offering excellent value for money
  • The D5-Evo low voltage is a suitable automation option for sliding gates up to 500-kgs
  • D5- Evo motor can reach speeds of 360mm per second or 22m per minute making it one of the fastest motors on the market.
  • High quality magnetic limit switches which work in conjunction with its DOSS position control system allows the motor to reliably and accurately move open and close.
  • The D5-Evo operator uses the advanced multi-functional control board comes with an inbuilt timer, anti-crushing protection, battery back up and the ability to alter and tweak every aspect of the motors performance.
  • In the event of power failure, the sliding motors battery back up system will take over giving the user 1-2 days power back up. Though there is no need to worry about charging the battery back up as the D5-Evo sliding motor has the charger already inbuilt
  • Hardened Plastic motor enclosure to ensure its light weight.

The benefit of the D5- Evo Low Voltage compare to the D5 – Evo Standard, is that if you don’t have mains power at your gate! Simply connect a transformer to this incredibly cost-effective model’s included rectifier, and enjoy the freedom of fully DIY gate automation! No expensive high-voltage cable runs, no costly isolators, no sweat!

please note:

  • Low voltage cable leads come in 30m and 100m lengths

Additional Product Information: Centsys Website


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1 Input voltage 90 - 240V AC +/-10%, 50Hz
2 Input voltage 12V DC
3 Motor power supply Battery-driven – 2A charger
4 Push force – rated 17kgf
5 Gate speed at push force < 5kgf 22m/min
6 Gate speed at rated push force 18m/min
8 Maximum daily cycle 150 cycles
9 Gate mass – maximum 500kg
10 Onboard receiver type CENTSYS code-hopping,multichannel, 433MHz, capacity - 500 transmitter buttons

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