SEA Full Tank 200 – Swing Gate Operator

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Product Codes: Fulltank, FT200, FT


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  • A premium 240v hydraulic swing gate operator for commercial/industrial use
  • Self-contained unit consisting of; electric motor, fluid pump valve block, cylinder & piston
  • Maximum gate weight of 1000-kg per leaf
  • Maximum opening degrees of 120 degrees (subject to hinge location)
  • Non reversible operator with a key operated manual override
  • Integrated using the advanced multi-functional LRS2151 or CB6 control boards (control board selection is depandant on operator application)
  • Gate stops required in both open & closed positions
  • Suitable for gates up to 2.2-mts each leaf utilising the SEA Full Tank 200 (AC) version – lnternal hydraulic locking system in both positions
  • SEA Full Tank 200 (SC) version – internal hydraulic locking system in closed position only. This version requires a locking device in the open position if exceeding the recommended length of 2.2-mtrs each leaf
  • SEA Full Tank 200 (SB) version – No internal hydraulic locking system has greater weight capabilities for the more demanding gate lengths of 5-mtrs each leaf External locking devices are required for the (SB) versions to ensure the gates are securely locked in both positions
  • This (SB) version is also available with hydraulic slow-down in both positions
  • All versions feature the anti- crashing protection system, which adjusts internal working pressures to a safe level, through force adjusting by-pass valves
  • 70 cycles per hour at a temperature of 20 degrees (outside) for all SEA Full Tank 200 versions
  • Full Tank 200 versions with 390mm run are for applications on pillars with long leaves


  1. Gates in excess of 1.8mts – we recommend non hydraulic locking operators devices be used in conjunction with a separate mechanical locking system.
  2. Maximum gate weights reflect gates without cladding & are subject to high wind conditions
  3. Duty cycles depend on gate size & installation


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Full Tank 200

wdt_ID Specification Detail
1 Supply Voltage 230 Vac±5% 50/60 Hz
2 Motor Power 220 W
3 Operating Temperature from -20 °C to + 55 °C
4 Weight 15.2-kg
5 Protection Class IP 55
6 Starting Capacitor 12,5 μF
7 Max Thrust 640 daN
8 Shaft Speed 1,5 cm/s (pump1,5 l)
9 Shaft Stroke 390mm
10 Operating Cycle 70
11 Leaf Maximum Width 7-mtrs

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