GSM Access Control – Open Your Gate with a Mobile Phone

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This system allows up to 1000 registered users to operate any garage door / gate with their mobile phone or regular phone with no cost of a call to the user – Absolutely Free of Charge!

Simply dial a nominated phone number for your gate from any phone or mobile-phone and the gate will open without any cost of a call to you.

In addition the GSM-18 has an intercom interface in front of your gate that includes a speaker, microphone and a “Call” push button. When the “Call” push button is pressed by a visitor (at the gate), the system will call the owner’s phone number automatically allowing him to speak with the visitor. The owner can open the gate and let the visitor in by pressing one of the buttons on his mobile phone.

This smart access control system can be programmed with a “Master” phone number which will enable to access the unit from anywhere and allow him to maintain the system. The “master number” can phone the GSM-18 and delete or add any user from the system without the need of accessing the unit on site, making it – Service Free.

The end user can dial the GSM-18 unit and check if the gate is open or close. The system will allow the user to close or open the gate form his phone or lock the system to be used by any of the authorized users.

For users: 

  • Easy to use – simply dial a number to open the parking gate
  • Efficient – no need to carry a separate remote control
  • Cost-effective 1 – there is no need to use multiple, special-purposed remote controls and key cards
  • Cost-effective 2 – no need to buy more remote control when the remotes are lost.

For parking owner/manager: 

  • Increased control over the people/cars that are authorized to enter the parking lot
  • Eliminate costs of buying and maintaining physical remote controls
  • Reduce parking personnel
  • Increase security – impossible to copy remote control

GSM18 is the ultimate solution – opening the gate with your mobile phone, no need for remote controls any more. Entering and exiting made easy – dial a number and the gate opens with no cost of call.

GSM18 access control system makes it easy on parking lot owners/managers, it reduces overhead in managing their fleet, no need of remote controls or key cards and security is enhanced. Using the mobile phone technology is much more secure and easy to manage, and at the same time eliminate the need to use multiple, special-purposed remote controls and key cards.


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