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Designed for high-traffic locations, with several doors needing physical access control, with PIN Codes, and/or Prox 125 KHz Cards or Tags. These two models are heavy duty tested, and are built to be used hostile  environments, such as all weather outdoors.

The AC-Q41H Prox & PIN stand-alone controller, and AC-Q41H PIN only stand-alone controller have been designed to be the most cost effective anti-vandal solution for outdoor residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

The controllers are capable of handling up to 500 users, with each user capable of being assigned with one or two codes, providing the capability to have three different security levels.

The AC-Q41H contains a built-in proximity card reader enabling dual technology Prox & PIN codes for added security. Housed in a *metal resistant enclosure and completely epoxy potted, the AC-Q41H and ACQ4H are ready to function rain or shine. With two 5A Form C relay outputs and two inputs the AC-Q41H and ACQ42H
can function as a single door controller or even a two door controller and more….

Each unit has two inputs (Rex) and (Door Monitor) and two outputs for (Door Strike) and (Auxuliary Use)

Main Features

•Up to 500 User Population
•125 KHz Proximity Card Reader. Included in model AC-Q42.
•Read Range: 65mm (AC-Q42).
•Built in Standard Keypad for PIN code entry
•Internal Buzzer
•Two Status / Programming Interface LED’s .
•Internal Three User Levels Hierarchy.
Normal User
Secure User
Master User

•Three user selectable Modes of Operation.
Normal Mode
Bypass Mode
Secure Mode

•”Code Search” feature that helps make maintaining user codes easier.
•Input for Request to Exit (REX) button.
•Comes with mounting template for easier installation.
•Built in Optical Case and Back Tamper.
•Bell, Chime, Siren, and Strobe features available with compatible unit BL-D40.
•Bell, Chime, Siren, Battery Backup, Tamper Output (Open
•Collector 20mA) features available, compatible with PS-X41
•(Output Power 1.2A) and PS-X42 (Output Power 1.8A).
•Fully Programmable Lock Strike Release Time, Siren Time.
•Comes with security screw and tool.


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