Viro V09 – Rotating spike

V09 – Rotating spike – For sliding gates and, with accessories, for sectional doors and motorised shutters

Product Codes: V09, VIRO


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V09 electric lock is the only extremely high-reliability lock specially designed for use on outdoor, manual or automated sliding gates.

The special spike mechanism will tolerate a thermal expansion in the dimensions of sliding gates of up to 9.6 mm A thermal expansion of 9.6 mm is the equivalent to a change in temperature of 100° C for a gate which is 8 metres long. Also suitable for manual sliding gates (fitted with a double through cylinder).

Unlike closing systems with padlocks, chains and standard mechanical shackle locks, the V09 lock offers new, more effective levels of security. It is easy to use, has a pleasing appearance, and cannot be attacked from the outside. It is weatherproof.

V09 electric lock, thanks to the installation kit, is also ideal for garage sectional doors and motorised shutters.



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