Sliding Gate Motor – Saturn 1500 24V Oil

Product Codes: SATURN1500, S241500, SEA


 This product is not for sale. It is still serviceable, although parts and replacements are no longer available. Contact us for details on (03) 9305 1400


  • The Saturn 1500 24V sliding gate motor is a strong, reliable gear motor for the automation of  heavier gates up to 1500-kgs
  • The SATURN 24V has a solid structure manufactured using a die -cast pressure aluminium body & base
  • All SATURN Oil versions offer continuous oil lubrication of all working gears in an oil bath, for maximum durability
  • The electronic inversion system through the encoder makes Saturn a safe and reliable sliding gate motor
  • The Saturn 1500 24V is integrated using the advanced multi-functional USER 1 24V control board
  • Saturn is equipped with an adjustable mechanical clutch which enables adjustment of the thrust of the gate
  • High quality mechanical limit switches
  • Serial Encoder for ease during installation
  • Safety micro-switch for manual release system in case of power failure
  • In the event of power failure, the locking device found on the front part of the motor reducer, allows for the manual opening and closing of the gate (optional battery backup)


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Saturn 1500 24V Oil

wdt_ID Specification Detail
1 Supply Voltage 230 Vac±5% 50/60 Hz
2 Motor Power 150 W
3 Opening Speed 9,5m/min (z16) - 11m/min(220)
4 Frequency of Use 60%
5 Max Torque 0 - 65 Nm
6 Operating Temperature from -20 °C to + 55 °C
7 Weight 14,5 Kg
8 Maximum Leaf Weight 1500 kg
9 Anti Crushing Clutch electronic
10 Protection Class IP 55
11 Starting Capacitor -
12 Limit Switch mechanical / inductive

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