24v Sliding Gate Gear Motor – Simply 350-kg

Product Codes: Simply


  This product is not for sale. It is still serviceable with parts and full replacement available. Contact us for details on (03) 9305 1400


  • 24v Sliding Gate Gear Motor for domestic use only
  • Ground height must be level
  • Maximum gate weight capacity of up to 350-kgs
  • The Simply sliding gate gear motor reducer is made of a solid aluminum pressure casting block
  • Conveniently the controls (electric motor, a transmission system & a control unit) are housed inside the compact unit, under a ‘ABS’ cover.
  • Features include; an advanced control unit that permits several working logics, adjusting anti crushing couple & safety and controlling devices


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Simply 350-kg

wdt_ID Specification Detail
1 Supply Voltage 24 V
2 Power Supply 240 V ac
3 Absorbed Power 3A
4 Maximum Absorbed Current 50W
5 Pinion Module M4-Z12
6 Condenser -
7 Opening Speed 12 m/min
8 Motor Revolution Speed 2000 rpm
9 Frequency Of Use 80%
10 Lubrication Grease
11 Operating Temperature -20/+55° C
12 Weight 9 Kg
13 Protection Class IP 44
14 Limit Switch Mechanical Elett
15 Leaf Maximum Weight 350-kgs

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