VDS Xnodo 24V – Articulated Arm Swing Gate Motor

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Product Codes: Xnodo, VDS, Xnodo24v


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  • A premium electro-mechanical articulated arm swing gate motor available in high (240v) & low voltage (24V) for residential use
  • The VDS Xnodo irreversible swing gate motor reducer is a versatile operator, recommended for intensive use on installations with elevated dimensions or is particularly suitable for applications of larger style pillars where physical obstruction doesn’t allow the use of the traditional linear actuators
  • Two parts are distinguished in the VDS Xnodo; the electric motor & the reduction group
  • Designed for gates with a maximum width of 2 – 3-mtrs &  maximum weights of  200-300 kgs respectively
  • Integrated using the advanced multi-functional control board
  • Features include; Limit switches in opening & closing phases, anchor plates & caters
  • Rated at 50% duty cycle
  • Opening time 15sec
  • Mechanical unblocking system which allows the use of the gate in the event of power failure (via a key)
  • Kit complete with jugate arms (available in standard or elongated versions) & clamping stirrups
  • Compatible with our complete range of accessories, the VDS Xnodo is your versatile, high quality electromechanical solution to access control


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Xnodo 24V

wdt_ID Specification Detail
1 Supply Voltage 230 Vac±5% 50/60 Hz
2 Motor Power 50W
3 Motor Power Supply 24V
4 Maximum Absorbed Current 1.2 A
5 Condenser -
6 Opening Speed 15 secs
7 Motor Revolution Speed 1800 RPM
8 Frequency Of Use 80%
9 Torque 400Nm
10 Lubrication Permanent
11 Operating Temperature from -20 °C to + 55 °C
12 Weight 8-kgs
13 Protection Class IP 44
14 Starting Capacitor -
15 Limit Switch Mechanical Elett.
16 Leaf Maximum Weight 200-300 kgs
17 Leaf Maximum Width 2 - 3-mtrs

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