Stagnoli Sliding Gate Rack – S6

1 metre length nylon sliding gate rack used for both domestic and commercial sliding & cantilever gates. Rated up to 800kg with 10×10 steel core to the centre. There are 6 brackets up mounting lugs with 25mm gap in-between, allowing for adjustability in-case of ground movement over time. The benefit of brackets up is it allows a greater reach to the motor when the gates bottom beam is positioned higher than the motor. The six bracing lugs allows for a higher load capacity on the rack at 800kg.

Please note, if rack is used on an incline or a heavy gate allow for a greater slow down (ramp down) time on each side. This can usually be programmed in the motors control board and is normally found in the manual under “slow down” or “ramp down” . This is to increase the a longevity of the nylon rack teeth as they tend to quickly wear away if a heavy or inclined gate where to quickly stop.

Product Codes: S6


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  • 1 metre lengths
  • Nylon rack (brackets up) with steel core insert 10 x 10
  • Grey in colour
  • Max 800-kg capacity
  • 6 overlapped brackets for fastening during installation


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