USER 1 24V

Product Codes: USER 1 24V


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  • Administration of one 24V motors
  • Slow down in opening and closing
  • Motor speed adjustment
  • Pedestrian opening
  • 24V warning lamp on board
  • Electric lock administration
  • Emergency battery administration
  • Working time self-learning
  • Incorporated radio decoding comp. with radio transmitters (LADYBIRD series)
  • Encoder administration
  • Simplified programming with push buttons
  • Inversion on obstacle adjustable ammeter type
  • Bus photocell management
  • Safety edge administration
  • Torque regulation
  • Slow down speed regulation
  • Automatic, safety, step by step type1, step by step type 2, pushbuttons, dead man logics
  • Motor and limit switch reverse with DIP
  • Automatic closing setting
  • Start in pause setting


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