Automatic Gate Opener – Alpha

Product Codes: Alpha


  This product is not for sale. It is still serviceable with parts and full replacement available. Contact us for details on (03) 9305 1400


  • A premium irreversible electro mechanical automatic gate opener, for residential use with semi-intensive operating cycles
  • Designed for gates with a maximum width of up to 5.5-mtrs & max weight of 550 kgs
  • Integrated using the advanced multi-functional USER 2 24V control board
  • Low voltage (24v) allows for higher working cycles
  • ALPHA utilizes minimal side room & is constructed with an innovative cast aluminium body for durability
  • ALPHA is a self-locking operator, fast & easy to install, it comes complete with a simple & reliable manual release system
  • ALPHA is somewhat unique in that it comes with in-built limit switches & conveniently the cabling & capacitors are contained in a protected housing
  • Battery back -up available
  • Compatible with our complete range of accessories, the Alpha provides a simple, strong & safe electro mechanical solution to access control


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wdt_ID Specification Detail
1 Supply Voltage 230 Vac±5% 50/60 Hz
2 Motor Power 300 W / 70 W
3 Operating Temperature from -20 °C to + 55 °C
4 Weight 11-kg
5 Protection Class IP 54
6 Starting Capacitor 8 μF
7 Max Thrust 350 daN / 170 daN
8 Shaft Speed 1,7 cm/s
9 Shaft Stroke 550 mm
10 Operating Cycle 40
11 Leaf Maximum Width 5,5-mtrs

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