RES 2167 Two Channel Receiver 306 MHz

Product Codes: RES 2167


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306MHz  two-channel receiver, expandable up to four channels, using an add on plug in ML2168 (optional extra). Different working modes for each channel selectable: monostable, bistable, 30 sec. or 60 sec. temporized, ability to store up to 60 dip switches. Remote programming of transmitters codes. RXS 2175 SC, available without plastic box, to accomodate instances when an in-built receiver is required.
ML2168 – Plug in receiver card to suit RES2167.


Power supply                                  2-24 Vac-dc – 4,5W
Nr. possible radio controls        (CH1+CH2) 500 Max.
Command relé                                 30 Vdc – 1A opened
Box size                                               53x82x40 mm


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